What to Write in About Me Page of Your Blog

Before starting a blog the fundamentals of blogs should be clear in a bloggers mind. If you are seeking for correct guidance about the world of blogging and its basics then definitely you are at the right place. We’ll tell you each and every requirement of the basic and necessary page of a blog named as “About Me ” page without any ambiguity .so let’s jump to the point.
 What’s up friends! I’ve got something essential to share with you people without any delay: The “About Me Page” on your blog or website. Your blog’s “About Page” is probably one of the most useful and popular pages on your site as it reflects the content of the page and the mentality and mind level if the blogger or admin.
If the introduction is strong enough to enhance the page and attracts the viewers then obviously you are going so well. Isn’t it amazing?! It has data which reveals and reflects you which enables the new readers to learn about you accurately before jumping into the blog.
 There are several steps you may take when writing the ” About Page”, and today, I’m going to tell each of them in a simple and understanding way, step-by-step so that you can get benefit from this important page.Keep reading
These are following important questions that readers want to be answered on your About Me page, or you can say the key feature of about me page.
 1.    Photo
3.    What is your personal bio


 We love to peer some form of the picture of the person we’re studying. It genuinely adds something. It is a Chinese proverb that “A picture is worth a thousand words” an outlook of persons reflects his seriousness and sincerity towards his work. Moreover, a reader feels himself more close to the writer if he/she is familiar with the face of blogger.


This one is paramount, which is why I’m sharing it first.   Your About Page should be ALL about the value do you give users. You should be convincing enough to let the readers believe you. You should provide them with a familiar medium as well as your positive concern towards them also matters a lot. If your only motto is to help the finders and seekers get the best of information then every reader will feel obliged to be in your sight.Tell them you’ve been waiting for them and they are your only inspiration to write this blog. Adding these things like “I know why you’re here and what you’re looking for.” can create a stronger bond between the reader and the writer.”
On My About Page I   simply by asking a few questions
•      “How can people’s earning profits through the internet without investment?”
•        “How can i do_____online?”
•        “Which niche must I pick  for doing _______?”
•        “How do I ______ blogger errors?”
•        “What are the best skills which use blogging or freelancing?
When they read the first paragraph of your about page, it becomes very clear for the reader if this page is meant for him or not. But that is a-okay, friends. We want to appeal to the real people, not all the people because our aim to is to provide info to those who are searching for it.

 What is your personal bio

The first step is completed, now move to the second stage.let the readers know who you are, why they should listen to you and in spite of a lot of blogs out there why they should prefer you.  They don’t need your master’s thesis. You should properly share about your life as it relates to your blog or niche.

If you check out my About Me page, you can see I’ve talked about my experiences as a blogger and learning related to my niche, because those things are relevant to why someone should want to read my blog.


Yes, tell them how they can communicate with you. You should have a contact page. On your about page, inform people to use it. Use anchor text by using the sentence   “Hey, contact me here!”

If you don’t have a contact page yet, go and create it first. It’s simple to use, and just about everyone in the world uses it.  If you’re on Blogger, then use Contact Page widget that’s also really simple to use.


Your about page should have an option in a box where people can sign up for your newsletter or email list. You’ve got a new visitor here – they loved something you wrote, wanted to learn more about you.  For goodness sake, don’t let them get away without signing up for your list. You should have the social profiles on the popular social media platform and tell them to follow you on that social media to get the latest update about you.

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