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What’s up friends! I’ve got something essential to speak about today. The topic of today discussion is ” Active Facebook Groups lists For Blogger”. I’ll share with you the one of the best blogger Facebook groups list with you people. That list will help you to learn to blog and boost up your blog traffic.

Facebook is the most used social media platform with the help of billions of daily and active users. Nowadays many bloggers seem to have a serious love/hate relationship with Facebook. It is probably most useful and attractive site for the seekers. With the involvement of Facebook, you can engage and connect worldwide with different people by being a member of the certain Facebook groups. Some groups on Facebook is a little overwhelming, so I’ve put together a Facebook groups list of must and my favorites which purposely help and encourage the bloggers.


Running a blog can bind a person in his right circle. You may be writing for the public interest, but what makes your blog work is just you or a few team members. Even the best among us (bloggers) sometimes have to face many challenges and obstacles about which we have no knowledge or experience to solve them on an individual basis. You can say that We are just clueless.

You can do it by yourself, but Facebook groups offer a supportive platform, so you don’t feel stressed out to deal each blog related thing on your own. Today I am going to share the Facebook groups lists that groups are a great place to go with questions and conundrums. You will Not only get this, but you can also build friendships with other people facing the same struggles as yours. You can give your expert opinion or seek recommendations for different products and tools. One of the excellent features of this Facebook groups list is that you can also spend some time mutually for promoting each other’s work.

Facebook Groups List for Bloggers:

Here are fifteen great Facebook groups lists to join if you are a blogger using WordPress, whether you are just an initiator or looking to boost your successful blog even further. These awesome Facebook groups lists aren’t only WordPress specific. However, as WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms for the blogger, but there is a very high Probability most of the members of these Facebook groups might be using WordPress for blogging purpose.

Keep in mind, these Facebook groups lists for interested bloggers are listed in order of the number of members, don’t consider smaller groups less informative or inactive even these smaller the groups which are shared in this post – closer knit groups are sometimes able to offer better visibility than the huge groups.

1.Bloggers Funda

blogger facebook groups list

The number one position in my facebook groups lists for the blogger is that Bloggers Funda. This group is one of the fastest growing Bloggers community on Facebook. Bloggers Funda group currently has more than 37K members. This group is founded by one and only Waqas Ahmed (Pro Blogger, Web Developer, Freelancer, Affiliate Marketer, Entrepreneur and a motivational speaker). Bloggers Funda is mostly known for providing premium themes and plugins free for its members. Moreover, many senior members share their knowledge about SEO and solve the problems of every member regarding SEO.


There are following an excellent team of admins which run this wonderful group.
  • Waqas Ahmed ( )
  • Malik Sharjeel Tahir ( )
  • M Aamir Mursleen
  • Qamar-ul Din Hamza
  • Ali Raza
  • M Imran Murtaza


Rules are stringent of this blogger group. So due to this, this got a no one rank in my facebook groups list. There are no compromising on the rules. Rules are followings
  1. No Buying/Selling
  2. No spamming
  3. No promotional links
  4. No nulled themes sharing
  5. No Course selling


facebook groups list

The second group of my facebook groups list is  IT Master Mind which is founded by one and only  Faiz Muhammad (YOUTUBER, BLOGGER & FREELANCER). It Master Mind is one of my favorite group of facebook. Group of the Faiz Muhammad is that group which I  joined first time for the online learning, earning and blogging purpose.If I talk about its members, then you will see It has more than 28k members. The specialty of this group is that Faiz Muhammad is always present to solve your different online problems regarding freelancing and blogging.

You can get different tutorials links of Faiz Muhammad, premium software free and stuff related to blogging. By using that stuff, you can boost your blogging journey, or you can start your freelancing career quickly.I also started my freelance career at Fiverr by watching the tutorials of Fazi Muhammad on Fiverr and learn a lot of things by joining this group. If you want to know more about my online journey, then read ” ABOUT ME” this.



The one man army of this group is just only

  • Faiz Muhammad


  1. There are no particular requirements for this group.
  2. You can share everything related to online earning.

3.Boost Your Blog:

facebook groups list

Boost Your Blog boasts over 25k members and is more open format than the groups above. This group is on third position in my blogger facebook groups list. Instead of daily threads being posted to promote and engage with other users. There are rare opportunities to share, and questions are welcome anytime on the wall.


There are following details of the group admin

  • Helene Sula   (


  1. Threads will be posted weekly.
  2. DO NOT create your threads. Do not share your
  3. Do not share your Facebook pages.
  4. Please don’t post your blog post every day
  5. Absolutely NO like for like or follow for following.

4.Bloggers Supporting Bloggers:

facebook group list for blogger

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers is also one of the very active Facebook group with over 23k members. It is also a great community for bloggers for support, discussion and sharing connections that may not be a great fit for you but could benefit someone else . such as a guest poster or a sponsorship offer from a brand.This group is the third number in my facebook groups lists for blogger.

Admin :

The founder and the admin of this group are following.

  • Allie Barke

Rules :

There are following rules of this group.

MONDAY – Recent post thread
TUES – Facebook
WED – Different thread every week
THURS -Twitter
FRI – Instagram
SAT – Different thread every week
SUN – Blogger of the Week

5.Blogging Boost:

blogger facebook groups list

With over 26k members, Blogging Boost is also one of the largest group in on my facebook groups list, and it is the very active group.

This group offers a platform for awesome bloggers supporting one another every day with the help of  Q&A threads and celebration threads. Only One day a week, the group allows self-promotion on the wall of the group. There is also a  group of Pinterest board of this wonderful group.  You can also join Blogging Boost community on Google+ for extra reach. Also, there is a resource for finding or sharing guest posting opportunities within the group.


There are the following lists of the admins of the group

  1. Lucy Rowett
  2. Alissia Haggard
  3. Fran Gulick
  4. Mary Yeager
  5. Virginia Carmichael
  6. Feuza Reis
  7. Kaitlynn Hoffman
  8. Rodrigo Flamenco
  9. William Royal Bradley
  10. Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley


  1. EVERYDAY — Questions, introductions, wins (like your guest post being published on a big site), surveys, and resources (written by others only)
  2. MONDAY (00:01 am Sydney – 23:59 LA) — Your day to promote your blog post, course, promos, give away or service.
  3. FRIDAY— Lieber Award or other award nominations

Blogging Newbs:

facebook groups list for bloggers

T his group is also one of the best Facebook group of my  Facebook groups list for the new comers.As the name tells us, Blogging Newbs welcomes new bloggers, but the 17k members are all at different stages in their blogging careers. The meaning of this is that they’ve been through many new blogging struggles and can help steer newbies through the process. The group offers a platform for collaboration, asking questions, and once a week in a special thread, self-promotion.


There are following two admins of this groups.

  • McKinzie Bean
  • Becky Burgess


  1. Promotional posts will ONLY be allowed on the Tuesday Promo thread.
  2. Thursday Social Media Promo Thread
  3. NO PROMOS allowed for other Facebook Groups, websites
  4. * No “like for like” posts

Final Thoughts

If you are going to start a blog and looking for the blogging help and need to set up your blog whereas, you have been blogging for years and hoping to get a large number of audience. Blogger Facebook groups list is a wonderful place to connect with another blogger in the blogging world.

I know There are also many other Facebook  Groups for the blogger but still is not in my facebook groups list of blogger. That can be helpful for most of you, but I have only shared the ones that will very help full for the newbies and for that blogger who wants to grow his audience. With the passage of time, I’ll update this facebook groups list of bloggers and add some more outstanding groups.If you haven’t joined any of them, then join it now as you can get huge help for your Blogging related problems.

Are you going to join any of these groups which I mention in my blogger facebook groups list? Do you have experience as a group member already? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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