Blog Vs Website: What’s the Difference?

Hey, first of all, let me know if you are aware of that “Blog Vs Website: What’s the Difference?”

Is the same blog thing as a website? Does the URL have to contain “.wordpress” or “.blogspot” for it to be a blog?

Oh Hell.! I do not even understand what a blog is and what is a website.

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No need to rack your brain.because today, I’m going to help you out.

what's difference between blog and website

Blog Vs Website:

Many people around the world have different websites which they use for their business as well as for personal use. Also, a lot of individuals all around the world have different blogs. The question here is, whether people truly understand that  Blog Vs Website What’s the Difference? or they certainly are misleading by the same basics of both.

If these above statements sound similar to yours, then just grab a hot cup of tea and keep your eyes open. This 5 minutes post is going to explain the difference between blog and website.Keep your focus on reading this post which is going to clear your concept about the Blog Vs Website What’s the Difference?.


According to Wikipedia, definition of the website is

A website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server.


A site originates from the term world wide web which is the abbreviation of www. And due to the advancement of technology, everyone is aware of this condition.


An example of websites is everything that exists! Because a website is the mother term which is given to all sites that you browse online including the blogs. It may be social media networks like Facebook or Twitter. E-commerce sites such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba.   Community forums such as StackOverflow, Google forums or Quora. It is the website which has made this world a global village. Through the availability of internet and utilisation of websites, we can have every recent update of the world in our fingertips.


According to Wikipedia definition of the blog is

A blog is a type of website or part of a website supposed to be updated with new content from time to time.


Nowadays you can quickly start a blog by using the free services like WordPress, Blogger, etc. These services are providing you with the entire system including design templates.A blog is a specific type of website on a particular niche. The term  blog originates from “web log.” A blog is set up in this way that lets the author periodically post a journal, log, or series of short articles.

Do you know, a blog is a platform where you can write about something love, something you’re passionate about, in the form of posts.Blog scale is small on the other hand a website is large. All blogs are websites but all websites, not a blog. Like all apples are fruits, but all fruits are not apples.

A blog, is commonly created on a website, is a list of articles which the user reads through and they normally have categories and dates. So while a blog could have either a self-hosted top-level domain (TLD) like “.com” or “.org” OR a hosted domain like “” or “,” a website seems always accommodated in a TLD.

Do you know, Blogs give more information to the visitors. The language of the blog posts is often much simpler than on websites. Beware, it’s not necessary as many webmasters now have started to use more straightforward language, to make their views clear to a wider range of people, all around the World.
Web sites combine to form the real internet and blog is a website among thousand of sites. A website can have all type of stuff and information including pictures, videos, written, graphics and so on whereas a blog only includes written content.

 “Posts” are key features in a blog, as what you are reading now. Every blog post has its page as the URL suggests, but the main page which is also known as a homepage of the blog is dedicated to the series of latest posts in reverse-chronological (latest to oldest) order.

Other important factors of blogs search engines like GOOGLE, YAHOO, and BING frequently crawled the blogs. Because the posts are up to date on a daily basis, sometimes many times in a day, so search engines crawl blogs many times a day to fetch new content.Due to this features of blogs, many people are adopting the blogging nowadays.

There are different ways you can sort out a ‘Blog’ when compared to any website while searching online.There are different ways you can identify a ‘Blog’ when compared to any website found online.One of them is all blogs provide a Commenting System. In the comment box, every user can comment regarding the post quickly while the websites don’t have the feedback system. All Blog offers a subscription system to send free email newsletters to readers or users of the regular basis. By adopting different subscription method, a user can easily keep in touch with their favourite blog.
A website manages by an owner whereas under the website blog there are lots of bloggers working on the blog site through their specific login ids.

All the Articles are well organised in a Blog. It’s Due to the categories and tags features of the blog. Due to this user or visitor quickly access the desired information by clicking on the specific categories. On the other hand, the website doesn’t have such organising data. All posts in a Blog appear in reverse-chronological order, latest to oldest. If you visit a blog home page.  The first (top) post you will show on this is the most recent post, and the last (bottom) post on this page is the oldest post . while websites don’t have this feature.

Individual author or a team of writers managed a blog. You don’t need a big team to maintain a blog. Due to this blogs have become the best source of online earning for enthusiastic people. It is best for those who love to share their knowledge with the rest of the world.


Traditional news magazines that publish stories on a daily basis such as BuzzFeedTechCrunchLifehacker.  News sites such as The New York Times, CNN, BBC, etc. Even sites are run by individuals on a particular niche such as this blog!

So according to the above discussion blog vs websites tell me in the comment section of this post now you have clear your concept about blog vs website difference or not.


Let us sum up the discussion on the major difference of Blog Vs Website that is followings.

  • Site content is static but the blog is not.
  •  The website is Formal/professional, but a blog does not form a site Interactivity does not exist.
  • There is only one-way communication but the blog does not have that website is Transactional, but blogs don’t have.
  • Websites Communication is about products and services, but blog’s Interactivity is about industry/customer issues.
  • Almost everyone has a website. In fact, it is almost a requirement in business today, but some people have a blog.

I have done my best to clear all sort of ambiguities and misunderstandings related to blog vs websites.  I hope you’ll find this post much helpful and straight forward to understand the blog vs website difference. But I would love to know if you need any further clarification on the blog vs website difference. If yes, then I would definitely help you with all your queries.

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