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Usman Mustafvi
Usman Mustafvi

Thanks for landing on my “About me” page and I am feeling obliged that you found me worth knowing asIbelieve in the phrase that ” Seek to be worth knowing rather than be well known”. Well, My Full Name is Usman Aziz Mustafvi. I am from Phalia ( M.B.Din) Pakistan.

If you are curious to know that:

  •   “How can people earn profits through the internet without investment?”
  •   “How can I do work online?”
  •   “Which niche  I must  pick  for doing  blogging?”
  •   “How do I  fix blogging problems?”
  •   “What are the best skills which use for  blogging or freelancing?”

If you have questions about blogging, make money online and freelancing platforms, then You’re at the RIGHT place!

Purpose Of This Blog:

The purpose of this blog is that  I have here is to bring my best thoughts and experience transformed into words actually to help YOU!

Also, I start to interview of popular bloggers so readers can read their stories and that’ll help them to stay motivated.

Something About me and Blogging

Usman Mustafvi is here, the man, the strength, and the brain behind this blog.
A common man is fighting against status quo, Physicists, and Social Activist.
I’m also a blogger and motivational speaker… but more of that shortly

  From Hobby to Profession

I was addicted to the internet since I bought my first Personal Computer.

My blogging journey starts Back in 2007, I am in front of my personal computer and searching for how to make money online from home without no investment.I landed on many so called or fake websites like click to earn, PTC or referral programs but all those were just clickbaits.

But I wanted to adopt such  field where I learn, earn and enjoy at the same time.

While searching online and reading many different blogs or magazines I learned something about called blogging. A blog is a platform where you can write and share your knowledge with the world easily.

After this, I learned with the help of Google and Youtube how to make a blog. In that time, I was a student and I can’t afford WordPress so I started with a free platform called Blogger.

Back in 2006, I used to read a monthly magazine Zia-e-Haram. In Zia-e-Haram loved to read articles written by known educationalist and columnist HASNAIN MALIK. Hasnain Malik used to write about ”how to make money online for the beginners without no investment” and he wrote the articles on different make money online platform and freelancing sites. So, I developed an interest in such type of different articles and various technology magazines like computing.As I kept on reading articles of Hasnain Malik I became fond of him and I became so close to him that whenever I faced any difficulty, I used to make him a call or text.

I started working on different online platforms which he advised me. I had no idea at the time but that moment changed my life forever. I started working on allvoices.com and begun to earn real money online without investment. I kept on doing work on allvoices site and started giving training. I kept on doing work on different money  making websites and left because of they all are fake and scam site. Due to studies, I can’t manage to make money online properly through the internet.Allvoices was my first freelancing platform which helped me to get some extra money. In 2009 allvoices.com changed his policy, so now it was useless to work on that site and I left.

 Back in 2007,  one day I was reading the blog of Hasnain Malik I wish to make a blog like his. So I started copying him and that was the moment when my blogging journey began.

In 2009 I met my school mate on facebook who was settled in Dubai those days and was associated with an entertainment industry. And he was RJ on different web radios. While observing his pictures and fame I also developed a desire to join radio. For this, Taimoor Sajid helped me and I began giving demos on different web radios and was selected successfully. After some time I thought why not to have my own radio. By working day and night I was able to create it by the name of ” DreamerRadio”. I designed it myself. So it can be said that Dreamer Radio is the very first site that has been created and designed by me and I run it.

Due to my personal problems could not be continued my work for few years.But I used to read different blogs during this time and I was in touch with them. I searched online for getting knowledge and solving my own problems.After three years of a gap of no success in blogging, I made a decision to shut down my all blogs and launched my own blogging related blog where I teach other bloggers that how to blog.

So I started achiinfo.blogspot.com in 2013 and I attached the domain with that blog in 2016.Due to my job problems, I could not work on my blog regularly and in the end of 2016, I came to know by reading the blog of Abdul Samad Esani we can sell our blog on Facebook. So In 2017, I started work on the expired domain and I earned a handsome income by selling the expired domain. So due to multiple niche blog, I can’t focus on my AchiInfo blog so I decided to sell out so I sold out my blog with 70$.

In 2014 fortunately, on the surfing on the internet, I came to know about the video tutorials of ‘’Faiz Muhammad’’ about freelancing. Within 24 hours by seeing that tutorial, I made a profile on Fiverr and started freelancing.

All I love is blogging, and I am gearing myself so much up to be of great help to all of you unleashing the blogging world!

By the way, I started to write the blog back in 2012 but all it was for learning and earning through the internet. I kept working on my blog but left due to my job problem. I  jumped into blogging world in 2013 with mixtures of WordPress.com. BlogSpot.com, and domain name which I didn’t keep up with it. That probably was due to learning, or you can say that it was just for fun and learning purpose.

And again I came up with this domain name that you’re

  My Knowledge about computer/the internet are listed here:

  • Blogging (WordPress, Blogger, Content Writing)
  • Making Money Online(Online Teaching, Adsense  & Freelancing)
  • SEO (intermediate knowledge about it)
  • Writing (Articles, Presentations, Corrections)
  • Google Adsense(Google Network to earn money with website)
  • Google Search Console (Google’s tool for crawling & indexing web pages)
  • Google Analytics(Google’s tool for statistical data)
  • Social Media(Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram)
  • Online Teaching(Udemy, youtube andDailymotion, etc.)
  • Tips & Tricks ( computer tricks, social media tricks, and internet tricks, etc. ·
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